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Follow the Flow of Ancaster Creek: A Documentary

Released in April 2022 as a response to the ongoing threat of warehouse development at the Garner Marsh in Ancaster. This short film has already been viewed thousands of times and has educated many local residents about the threat and how important it is to preserve the remaining wetlands in the Ancaster Creek sub-watershed. 96% have already been paved over for development.

Who owns the land in Hamilton’s endangered Greenbelt?

Hamilton Spectator - Thursday November 17, 2022

The Spectator reviewed the ownership of the largest Hamilton properties affected by the Doug Ford government’s contentious plan to open up hundreds of acres of the protected Greenbelt for housing.

'Not good news': Councillors worry what Greenbelt decision means for Flamborough

The Flamborough Review - Thursday November 17, 2022

Farmers, environmental groups also decry move

'Ancaster councillor-elect Craig Cassar says province can't 'override local planning decisions' concerning the urban boundary

The Ancaster News - November 9, 2022

It's just a few days before the new Hamilton council will be sworn into office, yet it is already facing several critical issues, including the provincial government’s Nov. 4 decision to override council’s 2021 urban boundary freeze.

The Hamilton Spectator (Apr 23, 2022)

A made-in-Hamilton plan by several local organizations - including Save Our Streams Hamilton - to expand the Greenbelt

CBC Radio One Toronto (Mar 17, 2022)

Craig made an appearance on CBC Radio One in Toronto to talk about the upcoming season for David Suzuki Foundation's Butterflyway Project and the work he has done in Hamilton

Environmental Urbanist Podcast (Jan 31, 22)

Craig and co-founder, Nancy Hurst, talk to Jason Allen about Save Our Streams Hamilton  and why we need to protect Hamilton's waterways, wetlands, streams, habitat, forests, and biodiversity

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