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392 - 412 Wilson St E & 15 Lorne Avenue

Application Status Update - April 19, 2024

The April 6, 2024 Hamilton Spectator article can be read here: ​

  • The applicant, Wilson Street Ancaster Inc., appealed its site plan application for the site (392-412 Wilson Street East and 15 Lorne Avenue) to the Ontario Land Tribunal in October 2023. The appeal was heard by the Tribunal in January 2024. 

    • Note: Site Plan Control is a planning tool a municipality uses to evaluate certain site elements, such as walkways, parking areas, landscaping, or exterior design on a parcel of land where development is proposed. You can read more about it here.​

  • The Tribunal released a decision on April 3. The decision dismissed the applicant’s appeal and sided with the City’s position. The City’s position was that as a result of Bill 150 reversing the previous changes to the City’s official plans made by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the site plan application could not proceed because it does not conform with the City’s official plan. This included issues of height and the land use of 15 Lorne Avenue.


  • As a result of the Tribunal’s decision, the applicant cannot get site plan approval to develop the site unless they revise it to conform to the official plan, or apply for and receive approval of an official plan amendment to address the issues identified in the Tribunal’s decision.


  • On April 17, the applicant took the first step to challenge the Tribunal’s decision by serving the City and the Tribunal with a notice of motion for leave to appeal with the Divisional Court.


Next Steps:

  • An update on the appeal to the Divisional Court will be posted when there is more information to share

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